miercuri, 22 septembrie 2010

Whately Carington

A studiat aplicarea statisticii matematice in experientele de mediumnitate.

"Carington was educated at Eton and Cambridge University where he studied science. He joined The Royal Flying Corps during World War One and became an experienced pilot, but was badly injured after a forced landing. On behalf of the Air Ministry and War Office he returned to Cambridge to undertake research into acoustics, with special reference to psychological problems. At this time he devised some innovative methods for the mathematical assessment of feelings, which proved useful in his later work.

At around the same time as he was forced to give up flying, Carington heard some remarkable stories from friends about incidents with psychical mediums. He booked some personal sittings with medium Gladys Osborne Leonard. The results impressed him and he set about studying psychical research in more detail."

Carington founded and edited the journal Psychic Research Quarterly and wrote several books. He turned down an academic post and lived most of his life in poverty in order to devote his time to psychic research.


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