marți, 21 septembrie 2010

Johann Karl Friedrich Zöllner -profesor de fizica si astronomie

Unul dintre oameni de stiinta eminenti a caror reputatie a fost stirbita prin decizia de a lua in serios cercetarea parapshihologica...

Johann Karl Friedrich Zöllner (1834 – 1882) was a German astrophysicist who studied optical illusions. He invented the Zöllner illusion where lines that are parallel appear diagonal. The crater Zöllner on the Moon is named in his honor. For the first time he actually proved Christian Doppler's theory on the effect of motion of the color of stars, and the shift of absorption lines thereby (red-shift) (1869), by the invention of a very sesitive spectroscope which he named "Reversionspectroscope". He had shown also that the red-shift was in addition caused by variation in the stars' lights intensities with the help of his "Astrophotometer" (1865). Zollner became convinced in the reality of a fourth dimension after succumbing to the spiritualist trickery of the notorious medium Henry Slade..

S-a apucat asadar sa-l investigheze pe mediumul Henry Slade si a descoperit fenomene uluitoare, pe care le va descrie ulterior in lucrarea Transcedental Physics, publicata in Germania in 1879. La moartea lui, gurile-rele vor spune nu numai ca Zollner s-a lasat pacalit ca un copil, ci chiar ca-si iesise din minti. Lucru cat se poate de fals, potrivit celor care-l cunosteau indeaproape.

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